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Christmas Palm Tree Seeds For Sale Veitchia Merrillii

We are selling Christmas Palm Tree Seeds 100 seeds per bag.
4-6 weeks delivery (price include delivery any destination)
US $170.61


 The Christmas palm (Veitchia merrillii) is a small palm with bright red ornamental fruit that develops during December each year. It grows to a height of 16 feet with leaves that reach 2 feet. Native to the Philippines as a common landscape plant, the Christmas palm does well in USDA plant hardiness zones 10-12 (where winter minimum is 35F) and its seeds are easy to germinate and grow.

  • Bleach
  • Potting soil
  • Spray bottle
  • Christmas palm seeds
  • Measuring cup
  • Container
  • Thermometer
  • Water

    1. Purchase seeds from a reputable nursery or collect them by opening the ripened fruit of an existing Christmas palm and removing by hand.
    2. Remove as much of the pulp from the collected seeds as possible and briefly dip them into a measured solution of 10 percent bleach and 90 percent water to kill bacteria that may be present. Rinse the seeds immediately with plain water.
    3. Fill a container with potting soil and moisten with water. Insert the seed just below the surface. Place the planter in a warm location with temperatures ranging between 70 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to be sure. Do not place in direct light as this will dry out the seed rapidly. Keep the soil moist by misting with water from a spray bottle daily or as needed. The seed should germinate within 100 days.
    4. Transfer the growing seedling to larger containers as necessary or plant in your outdoor landscape. Its location needs to receive full sun and moderate rain. The soil should be moist but not soggy. Water during periods of drought.
    Credits to:  http://www.ehow.com/how_7614420_grow-christmas-palms-seeds.html

    The beautiful christmas palm will grow to an overall height of 16 feet. The christmas palm tree is easy growing and needs little attention, This easy care palm needs are  few when tranplanting palm trees. As, They will grow in almost any soil except those that are constantly soggy or flodded. Christmas palm is moderately salt tolerant. It prefers to be in full sun but will take some shade , And will appreciate regular watering but it can also be forgiving if you tend to forget to water it once in a while. Propagation,is best with fresh seeds,they will germinate quickly within 1 to 3 month, in a tropical climates.

    Watch your garden for a day and pay attention to the movement of the sun and where the shade of sunny areas are during the morning, Arfternoon and early evening. They require full sun, so find a spot in your landscape that receives sun light all day.

    Pick a location where christmas palms can be planted at least 15' apart. if you plant them any closer together, you may risk the chance of crowding the palms,optimal growth and health will depend on this. As usual always look for power lines. christmas palms will flourish in a soil ranging from 6.6 to 7.5 neutral to 7.9 to 8.5 which is more alkaline.

    Digging the hole for your palm. The depth and width of the hole will depend upon the size of the root ball of your christmas palm. Plant in a variety of well- drained  soil, including limestone but dig the hole twice as deep as the pot it came in and twice as wide and always add palm food to the bottom of the hole and adding a root stimulator is a plus. Mix 1/8 of the ground soil with fresh,new garden soil and place on the bottom of the hole. Water mixture thoroughly.

    Before you place your christmas palm in the hole make sure to break up the condensed root ball that has formed in the pot.Take the ground soil,mix it with the new garden soil and fill in the sides around the palm.Stomp down around the base of the tree making it compact with no air holes.Soak the tree and its roots,add more soil if the mixture settles too much.
    water the plant every day for a week.The next week,water every other day,after two weeks water soil as needed to encourage healthy roots.

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    Julia Quinn - Agents For The Crown 02 - How to Marry a Marquis
    Julia Quinn - Blydon 01 - Splendid
    Julia Quinn - Blydon 2 - Dancing at Midnight
    Julia Quinn - Blydon 3 – Minx
    Julia Quinn - Blydons 4 - Where's My Hero
    Julia Quinn - Bridgerton 01 - The Duke And I
    Julia Quinn - Bridgerton 02 - The Viscount Who Loved Me
    Julia Quinn - Bridgerton 04 - Romancing Mr Bridgerton
    Julia Quinn - Bridgerton 05 - To Sir Phillip, With Love
    Julia Quinn - Bridgerton 06 - When He Was Wicked
    Julia Quinn - Bridgerton 07 - It's In His Kiss
    Julia Quinn - Bridgerton 08 - On the Way to the Wedding
    Julia Quinn - Lyndon Sisters 01 - Brighter Than The Sun
    Julia Quinn - Lyndon Sisters 02 - Everything And The Moon

    Kelley Armstrong ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Kelley Armstrong - Darkest Powers 1 - The Summoning
    Kelley Armstrong - Darkest Powers 2 - The Awakening

    KEN FOLLETT ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Ken Follett - Code to Zero
    Ken Follett – Jackdaws
    Ken Follett - On Wings of Eagles
    Ken Follett - Eye Of The Needle (Storm Island)
    Ken Follett - The Pillars of The Earth - Book 1 - Pillars of The World
    Ken Follett - The Pillars of The World - Book 2 - World Without End

     LJ Smith ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    L.J. Smith - Forbidden Game 01 - The Hunter
    L.J. Smith - Forbidden Game 02 - The Chase
    L.J. Smith - Nightworld 01 - Secret Vampire
    L.J. Smith - Nightworld 03 - Spellbinder                   
    L.J. Smith - Nightworld 07 – Huntress
    L.J. Smith - Nightworld 08 - Black Dawn
    L.J. Smith- Nightworld 09-
    L.J. Smith - Secret Circle 01 - The Initiation
    L.J. Smith - Secret Circle 02 - The Captive
    L.J. Smith - Secret Circle 03 - The Power
    L.J. Smith - Night of the Solstice
    L.J. Smith - Dark Visions 01 - The Strange Power
    L.J. Smith - Dark Visions 02 - The Possessed
    L.J. Smith - Dark Visions 03 - The Passion
    LEMONY SNICKET ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 01 - The Bad Beginning
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 02 - The Reptile Room
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 03 - The Wide Window
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 04 - The Miserable Mill
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 05 - The Austere Academy
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 06 - The Ersatz Elevator
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 07 - The Vile Village
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 08 - The Hostile Hospital
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 09 - The Carnivorous Carnival
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 10 - The Slippery Slope
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 11 - The Grim Grotto
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 12 - The Penultimate Peril
    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events 13 - The End

    LISA KLEYPAS ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Lisa Kleypas - Stokehurst Family 01 - Midnight Angel
    Lisa Kleypas - Bow Street Runner 01 - Someone To Watch Over Me
    Lisa Kleypas - Bow Street Runner 02 - Lady Sophia's Lover
    Lisa Kleypas - Bow Street Runner 03 - Worth Any Price
    Lisa Kleypas - Forever My Love
    Lisa Kleypas - Gamblers of Craven's 01 - Then Came You
    Lisa Kleypas - Gamblers of Craven's 02 - Dreaming Of You
    Lisa Kleypas - Gamblers of Craven's 03 - Against The Odds in the Anthology
    Lisa Kleypas - Hathaways 01 - Mine Till Midnight
    Lisa Kleypas - Hathaways 02 - Seduce Me At Sunrise
    Lisa Kleypas – Promises
    Lisa Kleypas - Stokehurst Family 02 - Prince of Dreams
    Lisa Kleypas - Wallflowers 01 - Secrets Of A Summer Night
    Lisa Kleypas - Wallflowers 02 - It Happened One Autumn
    Lisa Kleypas - Wallflowers 03 - Devil In Winter
    Lisa Kleypas - Wallflowers 04 - Scandal in Spring
    Lisa Kleypas - Wallflowers 05 - A Wallflower Christmas
    Lisa Kleypas - Where Dreams Begin

    Loretta Chase ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Loreta Chase - Miss Wonderful
    Loretta Chase - Knave's Wager
    Loretta Chase - Lord Perfect
    Loretta Chase - The English Witch
    Loretta Chase - The Mad Earl's Bride
    Loretta Chase - Viscount Vagabond

    ******* ****** ******* *******

    MAGGIE SHAYNE ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Maggie Shayne - After Midnight
    Maggie Shayne – Forever Dad
    Maggie Shayne - Annie's Hero
    Maggie Shayne - Awaiting Moonrise
    Maggie Shayne - Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered
    Maggie Shayne – BloodLine
    Maggie Shayne - Colder Than Ice
    Maggie Shayne - Dangerous Men
    Maggie Shayne - Eternity 01 - Eternity
    Maggie Shayne - Eternity 02 – Infinity
    Maggie Shayne - Eternity 03 – Destiny
    Maggie Shayne - Fairies Of Shara 01 – Fairytale
    Maggie Shayne - Fairies Of Shara 02 - Forever Enchanted
    Maggie Shayne - Feels Like Home
    Maggie Shayne - Forgotten Vows
    Maggie Shayne - Her Best Enemy
    Maggie Shayne - Leather And Lace
    Maggie Shayne - The Gingerbread Man
    Maggie Shayne - The Love Of Power
    Maggie Shayne - Under Her Spell
    Maggie Shayne - Voodoo

    Marian KeyesPink*Jeep Ebooks
    Marian Keyes - Anybody Out There***
    Marian Keyes - Last Chance Saloon

    MEGAN MCCAFFERTY ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Megan McCafferty - Jessica Darling 01 - Sloppy Firsts
    Megan McCafferty - Jessica Darling 02 - Second Helpings
    Megan McCafferty - Jessica Darling 03 - Charmed Thirds
    Megan McCafferty - Jessica Darling 04 - Fourth Comings

     MELISSA DE LA CRUZ ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Melissa de la Cruz - Blue Blood 01 - Blue Bloods
    Melissa de la Cruz - Blue Blood 02 – Masquerade
    Melissa de la Cruz - Blue Blood 03 – Revelations

    MICHELLE REID ebook bundle Pink*Jeep Ebooks
    Michelle Reid - Mistress Bride
    Michelle Reid - Morning After
    Michelle Reid - The Italians Future Bride
    Michelle Reid - The Italians Revenge
    Michelle Reid - The Markonos Bride
    Michelle Reid - The Marriage Surrender
    Michelle Reid - The Price of A Bride
    Michelle Reid - The Purchased Wife
    Michelle Reid - The Salvatore Marriage

     MICHAEL CRICHTON ebook bundle Pink*Jeep Ebooks

    Nora Roberts ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Song Of The West
    From This Day
    Tonight And Always
    Boundary Lines
     A Will and A Way
    Treasure Lost - Treasure Found
    Sacred Sins 01 - Sacred Sins
    Sacred Sins 02 - Brazen Virtue
    Jacks History 01 - Loving Jack
    Jacks History 02 - Best Laid Plans
    Jacks History 03 – Lawless
    Unfinished business
    Sisters Trilogy 01 - Born In Fire
    Sisters Trilogy 02 - Born In Ice
    Sisters Trilogy 03 - Born In Shame
    Chesapeake Bay 01 - Sea Swept
    Chesapeake Bay 02 - Rising Tides
    Chesapeake Bay 03 - Inner Harbor
    Chesapeake Bay 04 - Chesapeake Blue

    Three Sisters Island 01 - Dance Upon The Air
    Three Sisters Island 02 - Heaven And Earth

    Three Sisters Island 3 - Face The Fire
       Three Fates

     Patricia Briggs ebook bundle Pink*Jeep Ebooks
    Alpha and Omega
    Hurog 01 - Dragon Bones
    Hurog 02 - Dragon Blood
    Mercedes Thompson 01 - Moon Called
    Mercedes Thompson 02 - Blood Bound
    Mercedes Thompson 03 - Iron Kissed
    On The Prowl ( Eileen Wilks - Karen Chance - Sunny)
    The Hob's Bargain.pdf
    Raven Duology 01 - Raven's Shadow.pdf
    Raven Duology 02 - Raven's Strike.pdf

     Philip Pullman ebook bundle  Pink*Jeep Ebooks
    His Dark Materials 04 - Lyras Oxford
    Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials 1 - The Golden Compass
    Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials 2 - The Subtle Knife
    Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials 3 - The Amber Spyglass

     Rachel Caine -  Morganville Vampires Series ebook bundle Pink*Jeep Ebooks
    Rachel Caine - Morganville Vampires 1 - Glass Houses
    Rachel Caine - Morganville Vampires 2 - The Dead Girls Dance
    Rachel Caine - Morganville Vampires 3 - Midnight Alley
    Rachel Caine - Morganville Vampires 4 - Feast of Fools
    Rachel Caine - Morganville Vampires 5 - Lord of Misrule
    Rachel Caine - Morganville Vampires 6 - Carpe Corpus

     Rachel Gibson  ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Rachel Gibson - True Love and Other Disasters
    Rachel Gibson 2005 - The Trouble With Valentines Day
    Rachel Gibson 2006 – I’m In No Mood For Love
    Rachel Gibson 2007 - Tangled Up In You
    Rachel Gibson 2008 - Not Another Bad Date

     Recipe ebooks
    300 Quick and Easy Sandwich Recipes
    150 Salsa Recipes
    490 Award-winning Recipes
    400 Refreshing Punch Recipes
    111 Egg Recipes
    89 Coffee Recipes
    65 Amish Recipes
    300 Chicken Recipes
    101 Chicken Wing Recipes
    50 Christmas Cookie Recipes
    101 Recipes For the Deep Fryer

    Rick Riordan ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks

    Tres Navarre 1 Big Red Tequila
    Tres Navarre 4 The Devil Went Down to Austin
    Tres Navarre 5 Southtown
    Tres Navarre 6 Mission Road
    Tres Navarre 7 Rebel Island
    Cold Springs
    Demigods and Monsters
    Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard 2 Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor
    Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard 1 Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer
    39 Clues 1 Maze of Bones English
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1-5
    Kane Chronicles 1-03 The Complete Kane Chronicles
    The Red Pyramid
    Throne of Fire
    The Serpent's Shadow
    Heroes of Olympus 5 The Blood of Olympus
    The Lost Hero
    The Son Of Neptune
    The Mark Of Athena
    The House Of Hades
    The Blood Of Olympus
    The Demigod Diaries
    The Book 11 Vespers Rising
    The Trials of Apollo 2 The Dark Prophecy

    ROALD DAHL STORIES ebook bundle
    James and the Giant Peach
     Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
     Fantastic Mr. Fox
     The Enormous Crocodile
     The Twits

    Sandra Brown ebook bundle
    Sandra Brown - A Whole New Light
    Sandra Brown - Above and Beyond
    Sandra Brown - French Silk
    Sandra Brown - Love Beyond Reason
    Sandra Brown - Malibu Dog
    Sandra Brown_-_Harlequin
    Sandra Brown - The Devils Own
    Sandra Brown - The Rana Look
    Sandra Brown - Thursdays Child
    Sandra Brown - Tiger Prince
    Sandra Brown 1983 - Tomorrows Promise
    Sandra Brown 1985 - Led Astray
    Sandra Brown 1985 - Riley in the Morning
    Sandra Brown 1986 - 22 Indigo Place
    Sandra Brown 1986 - Honor Bound
    Sandra Brown 1987 - Sunny Chandlers Return
    Sandra Brown 1989 - A Whole New Light
    Sandra Brown 1989 - Long Time Coming
    Sandra Brown 1989 - Temperatures Rising
    Sandra Brown 2003 - Hello Darkness
    Sandra Brown 2005 - Chill Factor
    Sandra Brown 2006 - A Secret Splendor
    Sandra Brown 2006 – Ricochet
    Sandra Brown 2008 - Smoke Screen
    Sandra Brown As Krentz Jayne Ann - Test Of Time

    SARAH DESSEN ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Sarah Dessen - A Company of Swans
    Sarah Dessen - A Song For Summer
    Sarah Dessen – Dreamland
    Sarah Dessen - Just Listen
    Sarah Dessen - Lock and Key
    Sarah Dessen - Someone Like You
    Sarah Dessen - That Summer
    Sarah Dessen - The Truth About Forever
    Sarah Dessen - This Lullaby

     SCOTT WESTERFELD ebook bundle Pink*Jeep Ebooks
    Scott Westerfeld - Midnighters 01 - The Secret Hour (Undead)
    Scott Westerfeld - The Killing Of Worlds
    Scott Westerfeldt - Midnighters 02 - Touching Darkness
    Scott Westerfeldt - Midnighters 03 - Blue Noon

    Sharon Page ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Sharon Page - A Gentleman Seduced
    Sharon Page - Blood 01 - Blood Red
    Sharon Page - Blood 02 - Blood Rose

    Sophie Kinsella ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks

    A Promise In a Kiss
    A Rouge's Proposal
    A Secret Love
    All About Love
    All About Passion
    Devil's Bride
    Impetious Innocent
    Rake's Vow
    Scandal's Bride
    What Price Love
    the ideal bride
    the perfect lover
    Where the Heart Leads
    The Truth About Love
    The Taste of Innocence

     SUSAN ELIZABETH ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Susan Elizabeth Philips - What I Did For Love
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Americans Lady 01 - Fancy Pants
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Americans Lady 02 - Lady Be Good
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Breathing Room
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Honey Moon
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Kiss An Angel

    Teresa Medeiros ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Farleigh 01-  A Kiss To Remember
    Farleigh 02- One Night of Scandal
    Lennox01- Breath of Magic
    Lennox 02- Touch of Enchantment
    A Whisper of Roses
    Charming The Prince
    Fairest of Them All
    Heather and Velvet
    Lady Of Conquest
    Nobody's Darling
    Once An Angel
    Shadow and Lace
    The Bride and The Beast
    Yours Until Dawn

     Tony DiTerlizzi - The Spiderwick Chronicles ebook bundlePink*Jeep Ebooks
    Tony DiTerlizzi - The Spiderwick Chronicles 01 - The Field Guide
     Tony DiTerlizzi - The Spiderwick Chronicles 02 - The Seeing Stone
    Tony DiTerlizzi - The Spiderwick Chronicles 03 - Lucindas Secret
    Tony DiTerlizzi - The Spiderwick Chronicles 04 - The Ironwood Tree
    Tony DiTerlizzi - The Spiderwick Chronicles 05 - The Wrath of Mulgarath

     TRUDI CANAVAN ebook bundle
    Trudi Canavan - Age Of The Five 01 - Priestess of the White
    Trudi Canavan - Age Of The Five 02 - The Last Of The Wilds
    Trudi Canavan - Age Of The Five 03 - Voice of the Gods
    Trudi Canavan - Black Magician Trilogy 1 - The Magicians' Guild
    Trudi Canavan - Black Magician Trilogy 2 - The Novice
    Trudi Canavan - Black Magician Trilogy 3 - The High Lord

     URSULA LEGUIN ebook bundle
    Ursula LeGuin - Earthsea 01 - A Wizard of Earthsea
    Ursula LeGuin - Earthsea 02 - The Tombs Of Atuan
    Ursula LeGuin - Earthsea 03 - The Farthest Shore
    Ursula LeGuin - Earthsea 04 – Tehanu
    Ursula LeGuin - Earthsea 05 - The Other Wind

    Wilbur Smith
    Wilbur Smith - A time to Die
    Wilbur Smith - Birds Of Prey

    ***** ****** ****** *****

    A Child Called 'It' by Dave Pelzer
    A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
    Blonde Ambition - Zoey Dean 
    Calypso Magic - Catherine Coulter
    Catcher In The Rye - J.D. Salinger
    Complete Works Of Lewis Carroll
    Curious Case of Benjamin Button - F Scott Fitzgerald
    Catch A Falling Star - Felicity Heaton
    Dragon And Thief - Timothy Zahn
    Exupery The Little Prince - Antoine De Saint
    Flowers For Algernon - Daniel Keyes
    Jet Set Seduction - Sandra Field
    Old Mans War - John Scalzi
    The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
    1000 Atkins Diet Recipes
    10000 Dreams Interpreted
    101 Romantic Ideas
    101 ways to say I love you
    177 Ways To Burn Calories
    7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    Alice In Wonderland
    A Beautiful Mind
    A Walk To Remember
    A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
    A Christmas Carol
    A New Earth
     Around The World In 80 Days
    Beloved by Toni Morrison
    Body Language: How To Read Others Thoughts
    Bridget Jones' Diary
    By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept
    Calypso Magic -
    Catch 22 -
    Catch A Falling Star by Felicity Houghton
    Chicken Soup For The Soul
    Chicken Soup For The Woman's Soul
    CIA Book of Dirty Tricks
    Courting Midnight by Emma Holly-
    Complete Works Of Lewis Carroll
    Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    David Golder by Irene Nemirovsky
    Dating For Dummies
    Divine Comedy - Purgatory (for English Literature reference)
    Divine Comedy - The Inferno (for English Literature reference)
    Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
    Dreams From My Father by B. Obama
    Barack Obama Autobiography
    Eat Pray Love
    English Grammar For The Utterly Confused
    Elizabeth and Her German Garden
    Exupery The Little Prince
    Fast Meals & Quick Snacks- for Teenagers
    For One More Day by Mitch Albom
    Forrest Gump by Winston Groom
    Gone With The Wind
    Good Grammar Guide
    Good Girls by Laura Ruby
    Guy De Maupassant Short Stories
    Hannibal by Thomas Harris
    Hannibal Rising
    He's Just Not THAT Into YOU
    How To Write A Damn Good Novel
    How to Make Anyone Fall In Love With You
    How To Draw Comics and Cartoons (34-page)
    How To Make Women Laugh
    Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
    Japanese Cuisine
    Just Enough English Grammar illustrated
    Last Lecture
    Leadership By Ken Blanchard
    Leadership Skills And Emotional Intelligence
    Letters From Home
    LIFE 101 by Peter McWilliams
    Life Of Pi
    Love Story by Erich Segal
    Memoirs of A Geisha
    Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
    My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong
    Nigh Omnipotent
    Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
    On Liberty by John Stuart Mill
    Pandora's Box
    Perfume - The Story Of A Murderer - Patrick Suskind
    PS I love you by Cecelia Ahern
    Sophies World
    Stock Investing For Dummies
    Sun signs - Linda Goodman
    The Art of War by Sun Tzu
    The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
    The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
    The Book Of Five Rings by Miyamoto
    The Book Of Lost Things John Connolly
    The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb
    The Constant Gardener
    The Devil Wears P*R*A*D*A
     The Diary of Anne Frank
    The Five People You Meet In Heaven
    The Funbook of Creative Writing
    The Joyluck Club by Amy Tan
    The Interpretation of Dreams
    The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
    The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan
    The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
    The Librarian- Quest For The Spear by Christopher Tracy
    The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
    THE NEW BOSS: How To Survive the First 100 Days by Peter Fischer
    The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
    The Prophecies of Nostradamus
    The Purpose-Driven Life, Rick Warren
    The Stolen Child
    The Thirteenth Tale
    Tuesdays With Morrie
    Trading Up
    The Shipping News by Annie Proulx
    The Secret
    The Watership Down by Richard Adams
    The Woman's Book Of Powerful Quotations
    Three Cups Of Tea
    To The Light House by Virginia Woolf
    White Teeth by Zadie Smith


    Jessica Darling Series
    Megan Mcafferty
    01 Sloppy Firsts
    02 Second Helpings
    03 Charmed Thirds
    04 Fourth Comings
    05 Perfect Fifths
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