Sunday, October 21, 2012

Music Monday - Margarita

Beginning a great Monday! Song from the Salsa movie soundtrack of 1988 is my entry for this week. It's a movie starred in by Robby Rosa of Menudo fame, that's the reason why I watched it back then. I love this classic upbeat song, I hope you enjoy as well! Happy MM!


The sun in her hair
The tropical hymn
The smell of the sea
With her next to me
 She's got the touch that I ache for so much
My muchachita
It's more than her eyes
More than her voice More than her smile
That leaves you no choice
Straight from the pain yes of love
She was born Margarita
And if I could get back to that dream I know she'll be there
Waiting for me Margarita
 In my dreams we are together
And our love goes on forever
When I awake, I'm not there
Mi Margarita
I will search until I'll find you
And the roses will remind you
And I will wake inside the dream

Me fui, viajé
Y años después
Tú con tu flor
No era ilusión
Entre la gente al buscarte un fusil me apuntaba
Te vi alejar
Y caminé
Cuanto soñar
Tanto cambié
Es increíble que estés frente a mí
De repente su mano sentí
A su casa yo entré
Y allí entendí
Que tú siempre has sido mía
Eras tú mi compañía
Desde otra vida lo sé
Mi Margarita
Hoy que estás en agonía
Sé que es nuestra muchachita
La que nos une otra vez
Puso en sus manos la flor
Sus ojos cerró
My Margarita
En el cuarto surgió confusión
Todo el mundo lloró
Y fue feliz
Mi muchachita
Sé que sientes alegría
Ananana sé que anhelas
Que conmigo siempre estes

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday - The Way You Look Tonight

Congratulations, Ms. KZ Tandingan! She won last night's X Factor Philippines Grand Finals! What a splendid season with her on X-Factor Philippines. Her songs are much-awaited every Saturday night by her huge number of followers, me included. She truly deserves to win and the Philippines celebrate with her!


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