Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Busy Life

I've neglected this blog for a while since the new year, and I feel that I haven't been in the loop and slacked as well in my ebook featuring.

Just this past few weeks, I have SO wanted to post something but I just get to write drafts halfway and postpone clicking that publish button.

List goes on that I've been busy at home ... at the farm ... preoccupied with my youngest who is in pain from his teeth ... selling stuff on ebay... cleaning my aunt's vacation house on the next block ... planning to go to Manila for legal issues ... whew! No wonder some people are complaining that I don't answer my text messages pronto. (not really, if you think about it. how can I touch my cellphone when I'm at the farm? what a picture! haha) Yet, aww, I am really really sorry for allowing myself to get swamped. That's why I'm slowly taking action to fix all these in one sweep.

I'd like to clear it up that the so-called rumor that I don't answer texts immediately has come from just one bad feedback on my sulit page and just a few people rode on that comment, without knowing that my bad feedback came from a competitor who complained same day Dec 18 as I was preparing for my birthday on Dec 19. Anyways, despite that, I do not really mind as long as I keep communication through email and when I can, via text. Friends are still happy!

For inquiries, call or leave a message....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A blessed New Year to everyone!

I am expecting so much good this year 2011! Great things even more than what my mind can imagine. I believe that God has more in store for each and everyone one of us, that is why since yet the beginning of December I've placed my attention on personal and spiritual growth knowing that the rest of my desires will follow.

To all my friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

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