Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Gaano Ka Kaarte?" quiz from Facebook

I intended to blog about something sensible today, but this quiz result just made me laugh! So here I'm sharing the result.... translated, "what kind of drama queen are you?"


I got this quiz invite from my aunt who always likes to send me these, she knows me better of how I was during my teenage years,you see ;-) When I was much younger, no one could ask me to bring along an old bayong, or a muddy sack of kamote (sweet potatoes) for an errand. I'd say, "think of my image!" ha-ha- ha!

Now that I have a family, I don't think I'm that squeamish anymore. I don't balk at doing the dirty stuff (Yes, I tell you, in my house, a man's job could be mine too) I've matured a bit.

Then came this result, thank God, I still have a little bit of "kaartehan". I'm still a lady, after all! I once thought I'm getting more masculine living with my hubby and our five boys plus my nephew and his two boys.

Thank you, thank you! I'm still Kris Aquino-ish! Hahaha! Taray!

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