Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Couch Potatoes - Cutting Edge


Time to join TCP again today for their feature films about sports. I can't think of any other movie that I loved but "Cutting Edge" (The first version), our all-time favorite funny love story. This movie brings us fond memories of my hubby and I, during our first year of living together, when we watched the movie on VHS tape then together with his brothers and sisters. The movie was so much fun for us! Watching it made us learn a bit more about the rigors and demands of the Olympic Ice-skating competition which is no mean feat.

Plot Summary goes...

Doug Dorsey and Kate Moseley are both part of the American team at the 1988 Winter Olympics, Doug as the star captain of the hockey team, Kate one half of the national champion pairs figure skating team. They both have a disastrous Olympics, Doug suffering a career ending eye injury, and Kate taking a humiliating fall that she blames on her partner, Brian Newman. Fast forward two years, and both are floundering in the pursuit of their dreams. Working class Doug still falsely clings to the hope of an NHL career, whereas no one of any talent wants to skate with Kate, the rich, spoiled diva. Kate's new coach, the renowned Anton Pamchenko, sees that Doug was a good skater and suggests he try out as Kate's partner. Despite or because of the fact that it is hate at first sight, Doug decides to give the partnership a shot, he who may be the only person who has a strong enough personality to hold up to Kate's. Doug's decision is much to Kate's chagrin, she who will do whatever she can to make Doug, who she considers a Neanderthal, quit despite he being her last shot at pairs glory leading up to the 1992 Nationals and 1992 Winter Olympics. Beyond Doug needing to learn the technical aspects of figure skating compared to skating in a hockey game (especially the fact of having skates with toe picks), the two have to overcome differences in personality, differences in artistic vision (such as deciding what it takes to win) and an equally strong temperament to make their partnership a success. They also have to overcome external obstacles, such as narrow minded judges. But the most important thing they each have to learn is what is truly important in their lives.

Source: Imdb

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