Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rains This Weekend

Just a repost out of a facebook shout-out:

Heavy rains and strong winds remind us of the
challenges in life. Never ask for lighter rain, just ask
for a better and sronger umbrella..Maging responsible na
lang tayo bilang tao para sa ating nag-iisang boat- the earth.

Sana tumigil na ang ulan para maka-recover ang mga nasalanta.
Let us not argue about the cause and effect of the typhoon
that regularly visit our country yearly. These are effects of
Climate Change which we people of the world have done to
the natural resources of Earth. Let us just be ready for the effect
of the melting of the ICEBERG in the North and South Pole.
No one not even the USA can stop the climate change as it
has started already. Let us just pray and hope that the effect
would not be very disastrous to the people of the Earth.

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