Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's Learn All About Blogging

So many changes, so many changes!
As you would notice, I changed my URL to a new one by just deleting those dashes to separate the words. Even if doing so would mean I would start all over again in building pagerank and backlinks. Even if doing so would affect my SEO thingie. See, I am also confused with the terminologies of blogging!

Did you know that I've blogged for quite a long time, yet just went on without a guide except what I noticed in other blogs which made me say, "Aha! I want one of those!" And so I did. But I owe huge thanks to all the friends I met online and who have, in one way or another, helped my page rank get to PR2. (oh, yeah, now I'm back to PR0 - but that's okay!)

So to everyone who reads this blog post, please don't miss to download the ebook I share. I think we could glean a lot from this ebook. Kindly let me know the new ideas you get when you read it, and how it has helped. Feel free to leave a comment here, and I'll surely check out your blog too!

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Christinchen, that's me. This blog is about ebooks, personal stuff, trending topics on twitter or alexa and learning SEO.
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