Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not Offered

There have been recent changes to my list of ebooks I'm sharing with others. Beginning this April some ebooks - as per takedown request- are no longer available. This also applies to some ebooks that I deem categorized as wiccan, occult, pro-homosexual and other similar ebooks.
I simply halt the distribution of these through my blog and site, because of my personal beliefs. I do not support ideas about alchemy, astrology and the like contrary to Christian faith. Please respect this sudden change, I believe this is for the better in everyone.

What led me to do so is because I was surprised when someone texted me about ebooks by this and that author and if I have other wiccan books. I asked myself, "I have those kind of ebooks?" I realized this was getting out of hand! Usually, texters and netizens just let me know what ebooks they would like me to search for or put on my offer list and, not knowing, I simply search and send. Without moral responsibility, it seems, that I am in part teaching bad things by offering those ebooks.

For this, my apologies.

No longer available:
Sweep Series
Stephen Covey
Trudi Canavan
Ursula Leguin
Harry Potter
Twilight Series
Timothy Leary
Rachel Caine
Rachel Vincent
Philip Pullman
Angie Sage
Angela Knight
Amanda Quick
Anne Bishop
Vampire Diaries

In saying this, I will continue to provide self-help ebooks for sharing and more.

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