Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please Help Typhoon Ondoy victims

This was the scene right by our doorstep last Saturday morning when it was announced that Typhoon Ondoy would also pass by Pangasinan. We still had electricity that time and watched the news of the flash floods in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. From our experience with typhoons in the past, it is my habit to over-prepare. I see to it that most of our papers are kept already in a safe place. My CPU far away from the window... I could go on and on.

But knowing this time that so many people have lost everything so suddenly, even lost family and loved ones, all memories washed away and only saving their own lives.

I wanted to help in anyway I can so I keep posting hi's and hello's on facebook just to inform friends and family what happened in the Philippines... that I'm glad we didn't get affected... that we are okay... that so much has happened in Manila in a night. Relatives from abroad responded, others quickly called on their relatives here. Up to this time, I am also asking for the sake of the victims for donations to be given to Red Cross or to GMA Kapuso and other drop-off points.
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