Friday, September 18, 2009

A movie I shall always remember of Patrick Swayze

It's very sad that Patrick Swayze passed away. I must admit, he was a very talented actor. He will surely be missed. RIP, Patrick.

I'm posting this movie which deeply moved me to tears way back in the 90's. It still does whenever I watch it. This is the last scene of "Ghost", where I got goosebumps... not to mention an ache that cannot be contained. Wonder why.

There's more to my story of how I remember this movie. I was in the US that time at 19, I stopped school and had to stay there for supposedly a year but just lasted 10 months. It was a turbulent year for me - my mother had cancer while I was in the US with child (my folks thought it best to separate me from my mom so as not to upset her, she was manic depressive, you see)I came back here to the Philippines just days after I finally watched this movie. When I watched this movie, I thought to myself this is sad - not letting your loved one know how you feel about him/her before death. That's the heart-wrenching emotion that I felt.
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