Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting A Haircut!

I have had a horrific bad hair day for more than a month this March-April. I needed a haircut the soonest but the hairdresser/proprietor of my favorite salon at the public market was hospitalized. And no one can replace her in my book. Ah, forgot to tell you, why I am particularly concerned with a hairstylist... there was a time before that they used to make me cry and things like that happen on special occasions too- like the prom, someone's wedding and my graduation. So I'm settling for someone who knows what I prefer na lang.

Thankfully I have this hairstylist/beautician who became a long-time friend and surprisingly a distant relative too. She used to work in Dubai. And she is good at what she does, and her services are cheaper.

So finally she was back today and I got a haircut! I chose my latest favorite style which I got from uh-huh, that's where I went to when I was looking for a new style kasi my style was getting tacky, as always.

Here were the styles I chose from....

Free Image Hosting Okay, I agree, this is not Christine-ish, but it's eccentric,don't you think? And I would be the laughingstock of the town!

Free Image Hosting And this is unusual, not so common in our country, especially not in our province. I could've chosen this most but my hair is unruly

Free Image Hosting And this is a common hairdo, but I think I need the face to copy, not the hairstyle... So on top of it all, I settled for this...

Free Image Hosting It's short, two-toned and chic.

So in the end, this is what I looked like....

Free Image Hosting

Hahaha, just trying to make you laugh! Whoops, sorry, it's no different than the usual me! Again, thanks but no thanks to the fly-away hair. But I got the highlights okay. ... hey, would you believe no one noticed I got a haircut after all? Yeah, still same old Christinchen.

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