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Jeffrey Archer Ebook Bundle

Jeffrey Archer ebook bundle

A Matter of Honour
And Thereby Hangs A Tale
Eleventh Commandment
Heaven A Prison Diary
Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less
Shall We Tell The President
The Fourth Estate
Twelve Red Herrings
A Prisoner Of Birth
As The Crow Flies
False Impression
Only Time Will Tell
Sons Of Fortune
The Prodigal Daughter
A Quiver Full Of Arrows
Best Kept Secret
First Among Equals
Honour Among Thieves
Paths Of Glory
The Collected Short Stories
The Sins Of The Father
A Twist In The Tale
Cat O'Nine Tales
Fools Knaves And Heroes
Kane and Abel
To Cut A Long Story Short

Php50.00/ $1.20 per ebook bundle (all ebooks by an author or all ebooks in a category e.g. Bestsellers of 2012)
*** These ebooks (electronic books in .pdf/.txt/.doc) will be sent to your email address and can be read using a pc or pda.

Accept Payment Via:
GCASH to 09759172320 SMARTMONEY to 
Banco De Oro (deposit via bank or online)
PAYPAL (send to

my mobile number 09759172320 / 09295629471

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