Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blogthings :What Color Is Your Name?

Nothing so special to do today hence I thought of just trying a blogquiz / online test. When the result came up, I just exclaimed "Whatever!" :-D  It's just for fun and not really an accurate description of ourselves. Look here, I'm no longer THAT energetic, so I don't know what this blogquiz is telling me. I love the color orange, and that makes me feel better!

Friends and fellow bloggers, try it too and post your results as a comment! (SEO hint*hint)

Your Name is Orange
Your name tells people that your are flamboyant and vibrant. The amount of energy that you have is simply amazing.

You are enthusiastic about everything that comes your way. You love having new experiences and trying new things.

People see you as bold and even a little wild. You can be an overwhelming force.
You tend to get noticed a lot, and to be honest, you feel a bit sad when people aren't paying attention to you.

About The Author
Christinchen, that's me. This blog is about ebooks, personal stuff, trending topics on twitter or alexa and learning SEO.
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