Sunday, February 6, 2011

Been Sick Since Wednesday

Thankfully I'm beginning to recover now :)

But, ey, it has been a hectic week so far and even tension-filled before that. Not really in that sense, but more like excitement and so much expectations that I prayed so hard for. January has been a busy month, and at times I tried not to be because we recently had visitors from abroad with just a week apart. Truth of the matter is, I was so excited to meet my Pinoy relatives again who came to visit the Philippines again.

Am thinking back what caused me to be ill with the common cold that led to bouts of coughing and with mild fever too. Could it be the intense cleaning up of my aunt's vacation house? Or possibly my stubbornness not to tuck a towel cloth on my back to absorb sweat, hence - as the old folks say- had "pulmonya" ? Or is it just psychosomatic?

Just yesterday, as I was browsing, I found this article on Inquirer Online : Why You Need To Listen To Your Body and I went "Hmm, that makes sense for me. It could be"

Later on I've been thinking of stocking up on some homemade remedies like honey, olive oil, garlic, oregano and more. Add also that I tried the advice I found of applying Vicks to my feet and putting on socks overnight to cure this nasty cough... I tell you, it worked!

Love life!

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