Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Merry Christmas Became A Trending Topic On Twitter


September 1 - I was busy on Twitter posting some tweets and links I found interesting. I am amazed how it brought traffic to my site and also traffic to my mobile phone - if I may call it that.

Anyways, as I was tweeting I noticed that Merry Christmas became a trending topic on twitter that day. Many around the world were wondering why it became so. I guess Filipinos are behind the number one trending topic “Merry Christmas” because in the Philippines, Christmas begins in September.

Yes- beginning this September we Filipinos expect radio stations to be playing Christmas carols and the shopping malls to be decorated with sights of the yuletide season (this last part I personally think is a commercial exaggeration).

My personal viewpoint on celebrating this early Christmas season, I heartily welcome because it brings us more of the good feelings from Christmases past. Makes people cheerful and in a good mood, looking forward to better days to come!

In a Christian viewpoint, I believe the birth of Christ should be celebrated everyday, as one of the famous Filipino Christmas songs say . When we do so, we have a better attitude toward life in general. We are our usual happy, cheerful selves fixing our eyes on our Christ Savior who came to give us life.

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Rossel on September 7, 2010 at 1:29 AM said...

hi! you’re one of my top EC droppers last august. you can see the linky love you deserve here…

thank you very much and may everyday be a great day for you.


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