Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Post-election reminiscing

Think working as a PCOS Supervisor and Technician during the first Philippine automated elections is a piece of cake? Ha-ha! I wish!

That's what I first thought, as I was impressed when we were trained, complete with allowance and accommodation. Mind you, though, the exam was so intense I just had a so-so grade, but I passed!

Working was a great experience for me, having an important role during the elections. That's the most positive I can say. The rest... honestly, made the monster character in me alive. Whew!

Things I surely will not forget...

*The night before election day and one of our precincts had a PCOS machine with defective CF Card. Note: we had it replaced twice and it still didn't work. What was the big deal? ABS-CBN local news reporters wanted to interview us. Oh no, not again! So I told my co-supervisor, Sir
"Angel-with-huge-wings" to escape thru the municipal building's back-door. The precinct in question was under his accountability, so he was most nervous about it. If I could just take a video of that scene, our team would be laughing out loud!

*When I was confronted by a group of Anak-Pawis watchers who wanted to file a protest against us - me and my technician for allegedly destroying the PCOS machine. This is where my "inner monster" almost came out. I calmed myself and slowly counted to ten. Explained to them that we didn't destroy the PCOS machine because it was in perfect running condition except for the CF card that was not compatible. If you follow the latest news, you would surely know why.

*We've been interviewed on GMA Primera Balita, twice. The first was for assuring the public that the elections will go well. This interview was a surprise, we were simply having a meeting when GMATv came. Please find a video below, not from an embed but from my digicam, it's the best I could come up with.

*The second, was for asking that the agency pay us our just compensation ^^,(Note: up to this time plenty of techs and supervisors have not been paid)


People I would surely remember

*Our town's Election Officer who so gladly extended his assistance and authority. He gave us the
assurance and confidence in attending to our job and that made all the difference. A great job well done for our town!

*My co-supervisor who called NSC non-stop with agent 118, courting her over the phone. Yes, that's Super "Angel-with-huge-wings" Very funny if you ask me!This co-supervisor of mine has skills in negotiation that I have not seen ever. Ma-diskarte. Until now he is in demand. I would recommend him for helping all of us get our salary.

*The soldier Masonsong, who is -admittedly- a lady tech-killer. Bukam-bibig: "Ano ang cellphone number nya/nila?" referring to the our lady-technicians.

I am so thankful that we were given the opportunity to work during the elections. It surely made us better and we learned a lot. So much so that I have a few recommendations for the next automated elections. Let me leave those for now and blog about it when the next election comes.

It was all worth it! God bless the Philippines!

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Mel Avila Alarilla on June 15, 2010 at 2:58 AM said...

Your election day experience as a member of the board of election inspectors was really exciting. You were even interviewed on TV. That was indeed a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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