Friday, February 5, 2010

Good Reads for Valentines

Back again for the Best Romantic Books of all time, which are wonderful to read whilst getting into the romantic mood for Valentines :)

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Romeo and Juliet
This is a romantic book that revolves around the lives of the two characters madly in love with each other. This is a romantic tragedy that concerns the life of the two – Romeo and Juliet. The story involves love and passion between two lovers. It is a story that brings a misunderstanding between the two and they finally take their own lives.

Gone with the Wind
The book deals with the experiences and situations that Scarlett O'Hara faces when she in the company of her family, friends, lovers and enemies. The
romantic book begins with a plantation in Georgia where you will find Scarlett O'Hara dallying about with the twin brothers named Brent and Stuart at a distant plantation. The twins inform Scarlett about the marriage of her secret lover Ashley Wilkes and the man's cousin Melanie Hamilton. This comes as shocking news for her and she is quiet for sometime and waits for their departure without even inviting them for dinner. She is disappointed at the news and gets it confirmed from her father and also later realizes that Ashley did not know of her love. She admits her love and the ending is a happy one with both the couples getting married.

Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice is a romantic novel by author Jane Austen. Given here is a short summary of the famous novel. It is a fine blend of romance, with some very dramatic situations, and succeeds in making people believe that such a love story is possible. This novel is a personal favorite of the author herself.The book describes the feeling of love and romance and is simply perfect to be read at anytime for pleasure. Have a fantastic time reading this romantic book.

Paradise is by far one of the best romantic novels by Judith McNaught. The novel brings to life many emotions and shows the clash between the well off and the not so well off. It is a classic romantic love story that portrays a timeless inspiration to every romance a person can encounter.

Love Story: by Erich Segal: The most famous works of Eric Segal is based on a love story between a rich boy and a poor girl. Their families disowns the two after their marriage. In later part of the story, girl suffers from a disease and dies. Then the boy reunites with his family.Probably one of the best love stories ever told, Love Story is one romantic novel that is sure to move you. Love means never having to say you’re sorry. Segal has done a brilliant job in portraying two characters with which an entire generation could identify themselves. He has balanced the competition between father and son and the love of husband and wife.

Jane Eyre: This novel is written by Charlotte Bronte and is one of the most acclaimed stories. It is a story of young orphan, who suffers various hardships but ultimately falls in love with her Byronic hero, Mr. Rochester. It is a perfect romantic classic.

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Mel Avila Alarilla on February 6, 2010 at 11:07 PM said...

Yes, those are all time great books to read. All romantic people will find delight in reading them. Thanks for featuring them in your post. God bless you all always.


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