Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Memory Of President Cory Aquino


As the nation grieves for the loss of a great woman who lead our nation during the most memorable times in Philippine history, I am also saddened. She was indeed someone we can look up to. Her meekness, humility and quiet strength stood out during her lifetime.

Watching the hourly news of her wake and procession, my mind goes back to 1986, the yellow confetti, the Laban sign, even KBL's slogan "Walang Alam" and the opposition's slogan "Tama Na, Sobra Na, Palitan Na!" I was still in my 2nd year in highschool during the snap election period in 1986. I deem it as one of the great times in Philippine history. It is amazing too that the gap between the Aquino and the Marcoses will begin to close. I believe this is one of God's mysterious ways, something we must always pray for.

I would like to remember Pres. Cory most thru this Youtube video I found by Jcgosj (Thank you for posting!)

Thank you, Pres. Cory, for the courage and strength, for being a good example and for leading the nation. I am awed by your leadership, now that I think of it, how you were able to do it inspite of all the odds.

Pres. Cory, we love you! Rest in peace!

Magkaisa - Virna Lisa
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