Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recurring Dreams? Log it in on DreamJournal!

Do you get recurring dreams? Do you want to keep track of your dreams and find their meaning somehow?

I dream a lot and I usually remember the recurring dreams like crossing a construction building to the next while walking on just 2 bamboo poles... or walking all the way from here to Banaue,Ifugao.... or walking about inside a hospital with very sick people, where I open and close doors and walk by several flights of stairs. Whew! Those dreams are stressful!

Years ago, back in 2003 or earlier, I signed up for an account at DreamJournal to log in my dreams and also to get their meaning. Of course it's difficult to get a dream's meaning and requires more than the analysis given anywhere. It's all up to us and analyze our own dream's meaning.

My recurring dream symbols are quite strange... from fishponds, snakes, high school, harvested rice, white buildings to the weirdest symbols of gold, processions on the street, flood and earthquakes.

Sometimes I ask people around me what they mean, but I'm not satisfied with their analysis (because they are sometimes superstitious) I prefer some meaningful analysis like the way Joseph of the Bible analyzes a dream. At this point I already know the meaning of those dreams I had years ago since I logged them.

Find them here and join me if you want to:

The website is okay, gives it's analysis also but I think they are based on some belief or the other. I'm only sharing this to everyone so you too may have a site to log in your dreams, it might help when you read them years after ;-)

What recurring dreams do you have?
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