Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hooked to FarmTown!

OH yes, we are caught by the latest addiction at Facebook which is FarmTown!

One of my must-dos everyday is to log onto my Facebook and know what's up with my friends which compose mostly of my classmates in elementary and high school, my relatives in the US and Australia and my blogging friends.

It's been two months now, I must think, when three or more of my Facebook friends sent me this Lemon Tree or that Coconut Tree or a Sheep. All I did was to keep on accepting these gifts not knowing what they were for.

Until one day I accidentally hit the Farmtown button and saw this potato field ready for harvest and some potato fields still in the process that I fell in love with the app and I got hooked! What's more, my hubby and kids saw me get hooked... planting seeds here, harvesting crops there, lining up the trees I received, and visiting my Farmtown neighbors.

Even my children - for a change from their Cabal Online - learned how to play FarmTown. I approve their playing, maybe they will learn more about the concept of earning coins thru harvest, and the concept of buying necessities for a farm. It's much the same in real life. Spend a lot, you don't get to save enough. (But hey, playing is only allowed during weekends, haha)

Personally, I just like the look of my farm. Brings back the memories of this uncle's calamansi and mango orchards, my aunt's sugar cane plantation, and my grandfather's ricefield. My mother's side of the family originally came from a family of rice farmers, too, that's why.
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