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Sidney Sheldon Book Reviews


On the same day, people around the different parts of world are reported dead.In Berlin, a woman is found dead in the bath tub. In Paris, a man commits suicide plunging from the Eiffel Tower. In Denver, a small plane is destoyed by hurricane and the black box is missing. In Manhattan, a body washes ashore along the River. On investigation it was found that all the victims are connected to Kingsley International Group which is one of the largest ...

Whitney Tracey is like Cinderella except that she finds the wrong Prince who wrongfully leaves her in the dungeon until a more honorable and loving Robin Hood comes along and takes her to places after which they live happily ever after with the loot. That is how I would put Sidney Sheldon's plot of this story, except that I love the character Whitney Tracey because she is like every reasonably sensible woman who is ecstatic to be in love with one the...

Catherine lost her memory and wound up in a convent in the care of nuns. She is later taken in by shipping tycoon Constantin Demiris and given a job in his Trade Corporation office in London. Catherine is actually Catherine Douglas, a woman believed to have been murdered by her husband Larry and his mistress Noelle Page. Noelle was also the mistress of Demiris and he had set up the trial lawyers so that Larry and Noelle would be executed. Catherine's eme...

Harry Stanford is one of the richest men in the world but with an enstranged past and business operations. He has a bitter relationship with his family, not letting any of them come any closer to his business and wealth. On a trip around Corsica, Stanford drowns from his yatch feeding the media with top stories. Now the children come back together from their different professions to inherit the wealth. While at home in Rose Wood awaiting a probation sho...

The medical thriller 'Nothing Lasts Forever' deals with three female doctors trying to prove themselves in a society dominated by men. Every one of them has her own story which are very well connected to one another. Suddenly one of Paige's patients dies. She swore it was euthanasia but is she able to prove that? ...

Jennifer Garner's life as an attorney takes an unexpected turn when she is wrongly accused of being involved with the Mafia headed by Micheal Moretti. Adam Warner, who is running for the senator's position brings the love quotient to the proceedings. In trying to save her son's life Jennifer gets involved in the unlawful dealings of the Mafia and Moretti himself. ...

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