Monday, August 27, 2012

My Outrageous Electricity Bill

Haaarrrgghh! Here I'm again venting on my outrageous electric bill - thanks but no thanks to our local electric company. Friends, neighbors and relatives echo their sentiments on their similarly strange electric bill this month with this same company.  It dampened a few people's spirits for awhile, even led them to think their electric bill began their woes of the week - beginning that Monday when they received their bill.

Oh well, on a personal standpoint, I have had a love-hate relationship with our electric utility company
for years ever since I had a family and took up the responsibility of paying the electric utility bill.I have plenty of stories to tell about that, if I paid attention to my bad feelings - maybe beginning with dishonest collectors,
overcharging disconnection linemen and faulty electric readings.  For a moment I need to gasp for air as I write, as this is not the issue this week.

Plenty of us in our town are wondering what is with  the high jump of our electric utility charge. One sari-sari store owner used to switch on 2 refrigerators, yet only used one this month. But to her shock, their electricity bill went from 3500 to 5500 this month!  On the other hand, our electric bill is an average 1200-1500 yet jumped to 2800 this month!!! yes, that's three exclamation points from me!

 Well here first, there are just 7 of us in the house. During the daytime no one is ever at home so there is practically no use of electricity. To think that in the evenings, our family tried as best as we can to turn off everything that is not in use or is of no value. We even spent less time watching tv and chose to read books instead. Mind you my readers, as of this writing at 6:00PM, our lights are turned off and all the light we get are from this computer monitor and a faint light from the street outside. huhuhu! So now here I think we've been overcharged despite the news that other electric companies from other towns have rolled back their rates. Hmm, this is unfair.

Wish I could avail soon of this Free Electricity From Utility Companies with a reduction of 1000 pesos or more. Yes I heard this is a legal move especially during this media-so-called "Economic Hard Times"

In the meantime I am contemplating some CIA tricks to use just to reduce our monthly electric bill....
kidding! ;-) I don't have that talent. But my blog is open for your suggestions, feel free to say something :)

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