Monday, June 14, 2010

A Prayer for Catherine

I am deeply saddened for a number of reasons when I knew of Catherine's untimely death. I just knew about it late- two weeks after her death. Despite my being online on Facebook in relation to my work, I failed to see her page's updates.

Our former classmates are also shocked when they found out. Mixed reactions ensued as some barely know her because she was always the quiet, shy-type but when I reminded them of who she was, our classmates remember her as very pretty.

What makes us sad is because it was still a short time that we've touched base with her. She found me on Friendster and I "re-introduced" her to most of our classmates on our third year. She had memory lapse due to an almost fatal accident a few years ago. She cannot recall some of our classmates except those who did something memorable like the top of the class people or the best singers and dancers of our batch. Glad to know she still remembered me, and why so is because we were once seated next to each other in class and were so-called the "Brown-out Beauties" in jest, which meant we were the ones visible in class during brownouts because of our fair skin.

We missed her during our batch reunion in 2007, no one knew where she was at that time but she was mentioned, classmates wanted to know how she was or if there was anyone who knew. Sadly that time only a few of us were present as most of our batch are working abroad.

Then like a wish came true, a few months after she wrote me via Friendster, not much just to say hi. Honestly, I didn't know it was her- not until she wrote me more that she remembered me as such and such. And I wrote back, "Oh wow, that is you then, Catherine!" and that started our exchange of communication thanks to the internet.

Then just in April this year, I had a chat with her on Facebook which led me to call her via her landline in Hawaii. We talked for more than an hour. She told me how she was, her family, her children, her job at Big Island Candies (we even joked that's a dream job when we were kids); her husband- how she met him; our high school classmates and where they all are now; the almost fatal accident she had driving a truck; her college course as a Radiology Technician which she didn't get to finish and more stories.

I told her a few stories of my own as she was telling me her life story. In between I told her regarding her accident that miracles are possible so don't stop believing, I also told her what a waste about her RadTech course - that she must go back to school and finish that one semester because it's a high paying job in the end.

She seemed just fine, but to my regret, we never chatted after that so I have no idea. I guess if we chatted more she would have told me something. But maybe she wouldn't also, that's how good she was not giving comments.What surprised me, she never changed, still the same soft-spoken, good-natured lady that we knew.

Her death is still unacceptable to me. I am so sad reading the horrendous story on the news. She did not deserve to be treated that way.


To Cathy, we are so deeply sad to hear of your untimely demise. It is a shock to us all. We chatted with you just recently and then, all of a sudden you are gone. It made me realize what one friend told me before, that life is too short that we should learn to reach out to our friends and loved ones more, if given the chance. We will miss you all the more. Rest in peace, dear Cathy.

To Cathy's family, our condolences to all of you, her mom, her children and relatives. I express my condolences in behalf of our high school class. We are very sorry for your loss, we lack words to say about this when we all read the news. We will continue to pray for her soul's rest and for God's grace that your family and her children will cope. Cathy was a very nice person and will always be admired. We are glad to have known her. May God's grace help your family cope during this difficult time.

Remembering Catherine Esteves Dingle
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Cali-delights on June 22, 2010 at 6:12 AM said...

I did'nt know her but I send a prayer out to her family. Let god bless them with the strength they need right now in their lives. May she find her place in heaven.

Cacai M. on June 22, 2010 at 5:37 PM said...

I will pray for her too.. to her children and relatives. It is indeed a sad incident.

Pink*Jeep ebooks on June 22, 2010 at 8:15 PM said...

@Cali and @Cacai Thanks for your prayers for my friend. May justice also be served.

Mel Avila Alarilla on June 23, 2010 at 3:21 AM said...

Condolence on the death of your dearest friend. May her soul rest in peace. You are right, life is too short so we must do all that we have to do in that short span of time allotted by God to each of us. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always,


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