Sunday, March 2, 2008

STHS 88 Reunion ~ Our High School Reunion !!!

CAPTION: Photo above? we were still waiting instructions from our batch coordinator, Florence Nipales. "teka teka.. ganito..." Ang gugulo namin kasi, as usual, and we were hard to handle... I'm here 7th person sa third row...Kita pa ba ako?

It was an exciting event talaga, my asawa and I woke up early to get there at 7 AM. A few of us batchmates met at the quad waiting for the others and getting our shirts and bandanas. Well, well, red is my favorite color... and the bandana sure helps as I'm always having a bad hair day! Suot ko kaya siya the first day til afternoon.


Ouch though, I agree the batch coordinator was having a difficult time at first because almost all of us were so makulit and "regressing" to our high school-ish ways.

And I kept on overhearing that we were the pasaway batch and we still are.....

1- only a few of us attended the mass...( don't ask me, I'm not Catholic)

2-instead of going there, we were at a room having a briefing of the events and we were loud

3- kaya, when we were at the motorcade event, our truck had a flat tire! It happened when I decided to move to the left side and hold on to the railing. Ang taba kaya namin sa side na yun kasi.... bwehehe!

4-we had no designated room - of all things ( because the school principal thought we were having our get-together elsewhere) so when we decided to stay, they gave us the library terrace. Enjoy! Kaya my friend, Maurice, kept firing his pasabog na pang-bagong taon (he's the guy holding the blasted thing there above)


I'm glad that I went, despite all the odds. I'm glad that my hubby went also, though at first he was hesitant. Yup, ka-batch ko siya but when we were in high school we just met there simply as "magkakilala" only ...that's another story ha. A few of our batchmates, especially those who've been away from our town for so long, are surprised na kami ang nagkatuluyan.

I'm happy that I went there to meet them again. Though my closest friends were not there, I still had fun with the others and traded stories and jokes and what-have-you's. Sooo many stories talaga. And plenty of photo ops.

And we also observed a moment of peace for our departed batchmates, napa-emo ako when Florence mentioned my friend, Gemma, who passed away when she was 22. I was emo also when I heard one named Leopoldo who committed suicide over CE, our classmate. I was emo also when we gave a moment of peace to our classmate who died in a motorcycle accident kasama ang isa pang batchmate, Rustico - bless him, he got out of it alive.

We also viewed our powerpoint batch presentation at the library na lang because it was late already and we all had to call it a day, and yeah.... I was just kidding then, but I said most of 'em were so drunk already they cannot make it past the stage where the presentation will be held.

My hubby and I went to every event there is. We even went to the Family Day, next day, together with two of our boys, Charlie and Jayson. Our batchmates brought their spouses and kids too. Meron pang mga palaro for the kids. My "friends" and I had a moment to reminisce the naughty things they did to make the teachers, some classmates and other pipol cry

And we also went to the Alumni ball that night. It almost ruined the evening because of the rain. All of a sudden I was laughing to myself because four of us took shelter under the Mangaldan Auditorium and we were right there in the middle... hehe at least natupad ang dream naming tumuntong sa stage! So when the rain finally stopped, we went to our designated places and chatted the night away. Hinayang nga raw ang asawa ko because he never learned to dance ala-ballroom kaya ayan taga-butas na lang daw ng upuan...

All in all, it was a wonderful experience going back and renewing friendships. Looking forward to the next reunion in 2013! Mabuhay batch 88!

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